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vv's Photo vv 28 Nov 2017


We proposed a kind of DRM non-aggression pact, through which W3C members would promise that they'd only sue people under laws like DMCA 1201 if there was some other law that had been broken. So if someone violates your copyright, or incites someone to violate your copyright, or interferes with your contracts with your users, or misappropriates your trade secrets, or counterfeits your trademarks, or does anything else that violates your legal rights, you can throw the book at them.

But if someone goes around your DRM and doesn't violate any other laws, the non-aggression pact means that you couldn't use the W3C standardised DRM as a route to legally shut them down.
Of course, they hated this idea.


vv's Photo vv 29 Nov 2017

Cautati in pagina "This solution might be specific to High Sierra"
(Apple permite pe High Sierra root access fara parola. This is really bad... va puteti loga - ca admin! - pe orice Mac care are High Sierra instalat; tre' sa ma duc in mall sa vad daca merge pe laptop-urile din showroom; daca merge, poate pun bootcamp si instalez Windows 10 :cooldevil: )

[edit] Apparently merge si via "Remote desktop". Nice touch: https://twitter.com/...656609140711426

Lolek's Photo Lolek 29 Nov 2017

Wtf bă.

adso's Photo adso 29 Nov 2017

it just works.


Lolek's Photo Lolek 29 Nov 2017

It just paula.
Ăștia nu mai testeaza? Ar fi trebuit sa aiba catralioane de tone de teste si pen teste pana acu, ca doar nu e fun start-up.

Serios, ce plm se intampla cu astia, bă?

S-au țicnit complet? Cum plm sa intri cu root si fara parola, suntem in Windows 95?

Serios, nu stiu altii, dar io am nevoie de o explicatie la toate bulelile atroce din ultima vreme.

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Nu intelegeti voi nimic, e parte din sharing philosophy. 

Sau you're holding it wrong, depinde ce se zice la press release.


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Hennessy e chairman of the board la Gogu'


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Serios, nu stiu altii, dar io am nevoie de o explicatie la toate bulelile atroce din ultima vreme.


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